Message from the fire…

Fire - Wood StoveCan sitting by the fire bring clues to life? On this quiet moment of the morning, we contemplated the woodstove providing us with heat.

As a youth, I might have said, “Give me the warmth, then I’ll put in the wood.”

But no longer are we youths. Life provides few things we need unless we do something first. On this day, I know that we first make the fire.

In goes small twigs and kindling we have made by  cutting a larger piece of wood into small pieces with the ax. That goes on top of the balled up newspaper. Then medium sized  pieces. Next, we light. The rest is patience.

We can help patience along by using many small pieces of wood rather than a few large ones. Also, we can generate about the same amount of heat from a smaller faster-burning fire in the corner of the stove.

Then, an idea came to me…  relating to a particular situation that faces many of us. How to generate a more productive use of our time. Or some might say, How to make more money, faster.

If making a smaller faster fire, heat, [or results], come sooner, maybe that could work in my business. Or any business for that matter.

In my case, my thoughts drifted to my furniture business. Yes, I do more than just make

Chery Table with three legs by Furniture Maker Bob Grytten
Cherry Table with three legs by Furniture Maker Bob Grytten

pictures. But, if I create pieces of furniture – like small fires – would they sell faster and fuel more traffic to my product as well.

So, what might I do to make my products catch fire. Could I make them more unique?

How about price? Most pieces are priced usually at the top of a range of profit sought by the artisan. Suppose we priced it at the low end of the range. If it sold faster the commission from the gallery would come faster. Although perhaps less initially, I could sell more, generating more business.

How might that work in my photography?

Another factor worth considering, The psychological or genetic aspect. From the testing results by Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, I know that my NEEDS require short to medium term recognition. When something is sold, that spurs me on. I’m also at my best when enthusiastic about my work.

As my dear friend and mentor C.Charles Chatham would say, “We have to stop swimming against the current, and having the logs keep hitting us in the head.”

Bob says… Thanks
Bob says… Thanks

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