Early Spring Mountain Images pique Interest

Winter Grey w- Green tree finishThe Blue ridge Parkway in open at  Balsam entrance. Nature provides with some early spring images. Nowhere do I know of an area that provides so much subtle eye candy. Here are a few quick takes from Woodfin Cascades, not more than a mile from the entrance at the Smoky Mountain Hwy, driving toward Maggie Valley.

The first thing that caught my eye was a green item amongst a grey of winter woodland. When I looked at it with my 300mm eyes, it was obvious that the green was a tree and behind it a very subtle edge of woodland. But to me it was enough to take the shot, at least a first to help me get warmed up.

Next, my eye settled on some obvious buds of Rhododendron. Getting close allowed me toRhode Bud, finish more or less isolate this guy. I like the tones of green and edginess of the bud.

This will be an exercise in looking and imagining what might happen if…

Don’t expect to be hit over the head with a finished image. Perhaps more an opportunity to collect raw material for possible retouching back at the studio.

Playing with graphic design, compose different ways to select the final choice later.

Leaf in mossLooking down, I’m standing in a mass of moss. the camera goes closer as I’m now on my knees. So much material. Acorns, leaves, moss alive with various colors. I must watch where I step.

This could easily occupy an entire morning of exciting shooting alone.

What caused me to stop here initially was the rockface alongside the road. I go over there, rock Wall and Rode Leaves, finishnow. I love ancient rock formations.

Think of it…

These mountains are the OLDEST in the World.

A new Rhododendron begins it’s life as it reaches skyward bursting through the rockface.

Woodfin Sign finishWhere are we? A documented image of the sign will remind me later.

Almost any camera will allow us to capture these moments in time. We just use the capabilities of the camera we have and knowledge of how to make it work. But this is  fun for me and a great tune up for more exciting times ahead.

Across the road and a short walk finds me at the cascade viewed from the road.

This willWoodfin Cascade simili be my final image for now.

Hope this inspires someone…

Have fun!

Bob says… Thanks
Bob says… Thanks

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