Workshops offer tips to grow

Cold MountainWe all need a little pick me up from time to time. One way to help get recharged is to check into a local workshop. One nice thing about them is that you will be amongst others. And the feed off can really help. An extra bonus may be that you can see what others are doing.

Maybe get some exposure, too

If the program you do allows time to show your work that can be an extra boost. I remember when I had those opportunities, sometimes I felt like it may not be good enough. There is always that chance; however, once my stuff was shown I was relieved and more often than not I was surprised how well it went. Life is like that. Incidentally, that is about the only way to grow. It’s a learning process. Not always comfortable. But always

Lady's Slipper, Corneille Bryan Nature Garden, NC
Lady’s Slipper, Corneille Bryan Nature Garden, NC

necessary. Do select your best work and treat it as a learning process.

Set up your Own Program…

Here in Western North Carolina, we’ve been doing month long programs. The half day shoots always take us to new ground. What we have found out over the last 9 years of doing these, is that everyone looks forward to seeing their own images on the screen. And we have seen some real improvement. Find a teacher in your area, or just someone that is all in\photographically and set up your own programs. Everyone learns and has fun. And the last day is a party. Yea!!!  Call me if you need help!

Here is a program we are just setting up…

Lens Luggers Announce Spring Field Photography Program to begin April 19, 2016
Participants will meet four consecutive Wednesday mornings at 7AM on April 20, April 27, May 4 and May 11 at the Waynesville Old Armory and car pool to Field venues. Interested parties may attend one session or all of them. On three Tuesday evening (6-8PM) participants will meet at the Waynesville Old Armory Recreation Center, 44 Boundary St., Waynesville, NC, to discuss the Wednesday morning field sessions, and review participants images. They will also discuss composition, equipment and field techniques. Group leader will be Bob Grytten.

Wednesday morning shoots are $45 each and Tuesday evening sessions are $15 each. A special 20% discount has also been arranged if you are planning to do all seven sessions. “We look forward to sharing with you some of the best techniques from many top photographers around the country, and have fun at the same time,” says Grytten. This is an open skill level event as in the field the instructor will provide hands-on individual approach to meet all needs.

Classroom sessions will also include computer use and basic post production procedures. Participants will automatically receive membership in the Lens Lugger Photographic Association which includes newsletter and ongoing Blog and opportunity to have their work published. Members of the Lens Luggers also receive an additional 30% discount on future workshops. More information about the Association is at and

Space is limited.Contact Grytten for more information and reservations at 828/627-0245 or e-mail at

Media information: Bob Grytten at 828.627.0245 or

Allow a month or two to get the word out. Contact local newspapers and send news releases, put posters around and do whatever necessary to spread the word. Here is a typical note to the editor…

Hi Becky,
Here is something that you might be able to use. Appreciate.
Give me a call if any questions. Feel free to use any of the attached images. Credit to Bob Grytten.
Bob Grytten Photography
PO Box 1153
Waynesville, NC 28786

Don’t forget to send to send a few of your top images…

Have fun!!



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  1. These workshops by Bob are well worth your time and money! I’ve done probably five of them with Bob and Carol. Bob keeps them small so that he can get to each student in the field, to offer critiques, suggestions and praise.


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