Spring Photos from Western NC

Large White TrilliumLarge White Trillium are in full bloom in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Choosing the right location with few distractions can be the challenge. Using a long (telephoto) lens can cut down on distractions on the fringes. Using a close-up filter can help get closer. Diopter type (two element) close-up lenses are the best, but more expensive. Nikon and Canon offer them and they can be fitted to the front of your lens using an adapter ring available from B&H Photo, Adorama, or Hunts Photo.

Another way to get closer to the subject is to use an extension tube. Here again, B&H Photo will have various brands. They are usually sold in sets of three and can be used on all your lenses. Extension tubes can also be used to soften the background. They are placed between the lens and the camera. If needing electronic hook ups like auto focus and meter read outs, make sure your selection will do that.

The image here was made by reducing the Exposure Value “EV” then introducing extra light with the camera’s built-in flash. The flash set on TTL will illuminate the needed amount of light on the subject but won’t light up the background. Another technique is to underexpose the image then add additional light using a post-production application in your computer like Lightroom, available directly from the manufacturer Adobe or also from B&H Photo, Hunts Photo or Adorama – all reputable outlets.

Three Trillium with tree in background

Thinking multiple images can add another dimension. Do be aware of bright light or sun creeping into a scene, however. Cloudy days can be best or finding areas of deep shadow.

For those with cameras or devices ie, smart phones, IPads, which do not have interchangeable lenses think about selecting a subject that is against a tree or with a background as a void. The challenge can be interesting but it can be done. Have fun and enjoy. Always enjoy.

Carpenter Bee


And when I’m not “working” you may find me talking with the bees…

It all counts as practice.

Bob says… Thanks
Bob says… Thanks

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