Life and Nature stirs in the morning

lake Junalusla morning April, 2016When nature is stirring there are plenty of things to photograph.

This morning at 7AM the temperature was 59° and the dew point 59, according to my computer. That means FOG or a type of mist. within 2 points of each other. By 7:07 I was out the door. Destination Lake Junaluska. By the time I drove the 8 minutes there, the sun was making its entry, and just beginning to burn through.

After about 10 minutes, this gem arrived. I had already tucked about 30 images on the SD card and those I’m thinking will be used for a little program I have in mind for later. This one in my mind is the strongest; though, so I hope you like it.

Incidentally, the bird life really stirs in these hours. By 7:45 I was done. I cannot put into words, how exhilarating this was. Wish you were there… Come see us on Thursday mornings.

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