Smoky Mountain Park and More…

Cascade GSMNP
Cascade GSMNP

Yesterday, at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, here referred to as “the Park,” I was hoping to find Elk. Although they are not in their best photographic coat, this time of the year can offer a lot of activity, and I’m still learning the behavior part.

What I did find was hard rushing water. Spring green is amazing as trees leaf out, but we can still glimpse into the forest areas creating a nice 3D, effect. And I’m still exploring settings on the Sony a6000. It is clearly exceeding my expectations.

The cascade above was photographed with the 18mm side of the 18-200 lens. That creates a 27mm look in 35mm format. On tripod now, the camera is giving us the look I want and great depth-of-field. I’m also using the in-camera HDR mode which gives us a very rich exposure.

Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway

If I didn’t have this HDR feature in this model camera, I would make three individual exposures, one right on, one two stops over, one two stops under. They would have to be combined in Photomatix later with the computer to achieve the same look – detail in the whites, detail in the dark area.

More Wildflowers…Jenkins Ridge Overlook sign

Incidentally, if you’re in Western North Carolina and haven’t had your fill of wildflowers, check out the Parkway heading west from Soco Gap to Jenkins Ridge Overlook.


Large White Trillium
Large White Trillium


    • Thanks, Sandy.
      I’m working out the Sonya6000 with the new to me 18-200mm Sony lens. It’s a sweet package, but I still have to work with it. The a6000 has a built in HDR feature, so I used that compared to the single shot in Aperture Priority. Every camera has it’s quirks, as you well know. And while it’s pretty fast without a tripod when using autoISO the still best is at 100ISO on a tripod. I appreciate your comments. Bob


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