Using Video to tell the story…

Using photography to tell the story or “a picture worth a thousand words,” as they say. String a number of pictures together and we have a moving story as Bob Krist says. In this video, the assignment was to help market hot tub service for a new owner of the business.

There are many ways to market a product but a 1-2 minute video can help capture the essence of the story. The challenge was to select the right elements, in a certain order a certain way.

To do that we used the product itself to help create a feeling the benefit of ownership of the product might provide. Opening with a hot tub, turning it on, turning the lights on, then finally increasing the flow of the tub was almost like providing an operating manual to show how simple it is to operate.

A panoramic view of the variety of hot tubs came next, then to the swim spa. But it wasn’t until I noticed how the toy floating ducky danced and twirled in the rapid water that the idea hit. That would be our center attraction. I think it did what we thought it might. Including a person per Rohn Engh. And finally, selecting music that seemed to fit would complete it. All this was done with few words but suggesting where one could get more information and eventually go to the showroom to consider purchasing the product.

While this was a commercial endeavor, the same techniques are used that we practice in the field. More videos can be viewed on “You Tube” and type in Bob Grytten Photography and other videos should come, or click HERE. It’s all about telling the story. And like anything else, that is a learning process. So, we begin with  where we are and do what we know at the time, then learn and move on. But for me, skills we develop in still photography make video a natural progression.

Incidentally, the camera used in this production is a Sony a6000; however, any video making device will work. The key is to add accessories like fluid tripod head, directional mike, etc. Most importantly, doing what you most enjoy is the key. That’s where your energies, stamina, and interest to go forward will be.

Thanks for taking a look. Like it. Let us know what you thnk. Share it with others, and if you would like to join the Lens Luggers we would like that too. Details at top menu. Lens Luggers receive 30% discount off workshops, also.     — Bob


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