Fracking and our Natural World

Oconaluftee R. Great smoky Mtn Natl Park. Spring flow by Bob Grytten
Oconaluftee R. Great Smoky Mtn Natl Park. Spring flow by Bob Grytten

Most of you know me as one that loves to experience our natural world, photograph it and discuss it. Then the other day I received an e-mail about not purchasing  property if 250 miles from a Fracking operation. What was that all about?

Here in Western North Carolina the wild mountains are still wild and our home at about 3,000 foot elevation is full of trees, chirping birds and glorious blue skies. I had heard about how the gold mining in Colorado had polluted the streams. I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen here.

The article that got me thinking reads like this…

“What Will Happen to the Land?

Contrary to popular belief, the Earth will not suddenly become “healed” just because oil drilling, refining, and usage stop.

Chemicals used for fracking will continue to lubricate rocks beneath the surface and continue to increase the risk of earthquakes. As the rocks under the surface continue breaking apart, water will also continue to be polluted. As equipment and chemicals get left behind, they will cause even more damage to nearby water supplies and land, and it could take decades to a century for these problems to slow down.

Even if you have a homestead or are planning to buy land, make sure that you know everything possible about the petroleum, natural gas, and other mining leases within 250 miles of your land.  The closer a drilling or mining operation is to your land, the greater chances of it becoming impossible to live on in a crisis.”  More

I knew this article was from a Prepping blog which drew its strength from Gloom & Doom stuff, not about my more positive approach to living. But, I found the article title intriguing –  “How The World Would Change Without Fuels?” –  as I am considering  the purchase of a vehicle that would run on Biofuels.

The links took me to different videos then finally a video that we should all become aware of. Posted here, please feel free to comment and pass it along, like it and join us for more discussion.

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