Tufted Titmouse Photo challenge

This morning was practice time with the Sony gear. What I hadn’t expected was a mom & pop portrait. My lucky day.

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

Even though this image is a bit diffused from looking through leaves, etc, I think it is still worthy of sharing. Hope you agree.

A glimpse into the life of two hard workers, bringing home the bacon, or in this case the bugs. The Male is going all the time. Must be a good hunter – about every 5 minutes he’s back.

These birds were photographed with a Sony a6000 mirrorless body and an old but good Nikon 300mm EDIF f4.5 lens, on tripod. I’ve had this lens about 30 years. Original cost was about $800. Today it can be purchased for less than $200. See KEH. I needed an adapter for the lens to work on the Sony. My adapter, as most, negates the Auto features of the camera. I have to use mine as a manual everything; but, it’s great glass and provides a 450mm view in 35mm terms. The adapter I purchased is an Ommlite and has a built-in aperture adjustment, but, I don’t use it.

An aside. The birdhouse has been in place for  about 5-6 years, long enough for a new twig to grow at the entrance. These guys are the first tenants. Guess some birds are just particular about the landscaping.

About purchasing used equipment…

While we’re mentioning equipment and KEH, I would like to mention what a good experience I’ve had with them. First off, if you don’t know how they work here it is… They buy equipment from photographers who don’t need their stuff anymore. First, you google them, then indicate what you want to sell. They indicate what they can pay for each item depending upon the condition of the item. You select the category and they send you a prepaid label that you affix to the box of equipment. You then drop it off at an American Express depot. That’s it.

When they receive the equipment, they check it out and if there is any question they contact you. If everything checks out all right, they cut you a check. Then they mark it up to satisfy their margin and offer it out for sale. If you wish to buy something, maybe a camera body as a backup, you select the item, they ship it per the arrangement and they also pay for shipping. Of course, that’s figured in the price. You have 14 days to examine the equipment before returning it at no charge if it’s not what you thought it would be. KEH also warrants it for 90 days.

What about Insurance?

While on this subject, many people ask me about what lenses to buy for this or that trip. What is never discussed is a backup camera. If your 3 or 4,ooo miles away on the trip of a lifetime, and your camera fails, you would have to do that trip again to capture the images you were hoping for. That could be pretty expensive. It may be a good idea to purchase an extra body just in case. And about putting your equipment at risk, think about insuring it. If your current home policy won’t insure it, you may be able to insure it with Inland Marine. Their annual policy is only about 1% of the value of the equipment, usually has no deduction and includes all risk including mysterious disappearance. Call me if you have any questions. or e-mail bobgry@aol.com.

Thanks for viewing, hope you like it and look forward to your return. Comments invited.


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