Photographing a spider on a wild web

Calm air is a big help if photographing a spider.

Spider repairing Web

This little spider, not more than 1/4 inch body, could be a challange. I might have to focus closer than the lens would normally allow. An Extension Tube would help with that.

the Extension tube

Usually sold in sets of three, they can be used all together or in different combinations as well as single.They fit between the Camera and Lens, allowing the camera outfit to get closer to the subject, producing a multiplier of the size of the subject.

Camera Extension tube and lens fit together to make a unified outfit for close up photography
Camera Extension tube and lens fit together to make a unified outfit for close up photography

Having a set allows them to be used on all your lenses, from Wide Angle to Telephoto. The only restriction is the size of the lens to be used. The total mm of tubes cannot be used with a smaller mm lens.  In other words, a 20mm lens can take a 12mm or 20mm tube, but not a 36mm total of tubes connected together.

They are simply a spacer between camera and lens. There is no glass in the tubes to diminish the quality of the image.

It’s a cost effective setup, less than a Macro Lens and less weight. Go to B&H Photo, Adorama, or Hunts Photo to review the various brands Usually $100 to $150 US. Verify the electronic hook ups if Autofocus is a consideration.

About the results with this set up on the new sony – Positive. YeAA!













    • Justin, either should. The reverse ring should be inexpensive enough. The Extension on a long lens will allow you to be at a distance wehere by your lens won’t bump into the web. Let me know how it works out. BG


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