National Parks champion Phoptotgrapher Clyde Bucher

Alligator, Evereglades
Alligator, Evereglades


I first met Clyde Butcher and his wife Niki at an Art Show we happened to be doing together in Florida, in fact we had adjoining sites, so we chatted during the down times. We then had the pleasure of visiting his Gallery on  Tamiami Trail in Ochopee, FL on the way to the Everglades and Key West. I was blown away.

Clyde was not at the Big Cypress Gallery that day; however, Carol & I were befriended by a fellow at the Gallery and he offered to take us on a ride through the back areas of the swamps in his boat. It was January or February as I know that is the only time we would set foot in the swamps. any other time of the year, the mosquitoes are so large and numerous that they could almost carry one away. At least that is how a nightmare would seem.

During this short backwater excursion we came upon a baby owl somewhat struggling in the water below it’s nest, easy prey for the many alligators in these waters. Carol happened to have a towel with her and was able to take the baby into the boat, at the encouragement of our new friend.

Once on shore, we drove to a nearby Vets office and deposited the critter with them, amongst many praises and thanks. The young man presented Carol with a walking stick complete with feather and shell ornaments, symbolic of the nearby Seminal tribe’s spiritual protection. We still have it today, alongside our cross country skies in the rafters of an outbuilding.

I know that I have many images of that event in the archives; however, for now these words will have to suffice, as I think the attached e-mail, just received from Clyde’s office, is of utmost interest. Be sure to look at the amazing images and short comments on how Clyde both made the image and printed them. Thanks for looking in. Feel free to share this and like it as well…

If you ever have an opportunity to take one of his swamp walks or other events, I know you will be well satisfied.

Now here is Clide’s E-mail. I think you’ll enjoy it…

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Sent: Tue, Jun 28, 2016 3:05 pm
Subject: Everglades National Parks needs votes!

Needs Your Vote
by: Clyde Butcher
Until July 5 to designate the
Everglades National Park as your Favorite
Everglades National Parks needs votes! Help the park win a $250,000 Partners in Preservation grant to restore the Flamingo Visitor Center in Everglades National Park by going on-line today at and casting a ballot for the Everglades. Everglades National Park is one of 20 national parks competing for $2 million in grant funding from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express. You can vote for your favorite park once a day, now through July 5. The parks that collect the most votes by July 5 will win a Partners in Preservation grant.
Limited Edition, Large Format Silver Gelatin Photographs
In Honor of the Centennial Celebration of Our National Parks,
once a month, I am sharing photos and stories of the 33 National Parks that I’ve had the privilege to photograph over the past 50 years. As we traveled around, Niki and I were overwhelmed by the beauty of our country. We felt fortunate to experience these wonderful natural places that have been saved for all of us to enjoy. Let’s all join together to give thanks to the forward-thinking folks who created these places “for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.” Their consideration for the environment and for future generations have given us the pleasure of seeing portions of our country as pristine, unchanged and unspoiled as they were long ago. I hope you enjoy all the photos I share throughout 2016! New National Park Book
Big Cypress Swamp and Everglades National Park have always been at the heart of my photography. My first baptism in swamp water was in the Big Cypress, where I felt a primeval presence I had never felt before. It was as though I was entering a time warp where the beginning and ending of time were combined together in the waters of the swamp. It dawned on me, in that first moment, that we humans are part of a greater whole than we could ever imagine. We have a jewel in our midst and a healthy Everglades is a legacy we must pass on to our children and their children. It is important for us to think beyond ourselves.
Limited Edition Digital Photographs
View Clyde’s Previously Featured Collections of National Park Photos
America The Beautiful
New This Year! 16 Month Calendar includes additional image plus we lowered the price from $20 to $14.99 to help out with the shipping. For more information and to order 2017 calendar click here
America’s National Parks
A lifetime of Images: Clyde is very excited to share with folks his love of our national parks. For the past 50 years, he and Niki have had the good fortune of traveling around this beautiful country while photographing the wilderness areas that are so unique to America. For more information on this two book or to order new books click here 
Clyde Butcher’s Collection of Fine Art Photography Books
For information or to order one of Clyde’s beautiful books click here.
October 29 & 30, 2016 – Big Cypress Gallery Fall Open House
  • Exhibit of all National Park photographs
  • Book signing, meet Clyde and Niki Butcher
  • Ranger-led swamp walks behind gallery – Reservations Click Here
A portion of the sales this weekend and all swamp walk money will be donated to the Education Department of the Big Cypress National Preserve. Gallery event is FREE and the guided swamp walks are $50pp and children are FREE.  SAVE THE DATE – this is going to be a fun event that you will not want to miss!
Clyde Butcher Galleries
Venice & Big Cypress
Directions & info
This message was sent to from:
Clyde Butcher | | Window of the Eye, Inc | 237 Warfield Ave | Venice, Florida 34285
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