Three keys to winning photography

A. Winning photography requires that we shoot often…

When buying my first …it's all about the lightcamera, one of the clerks at a camera store gave me some sage advice. “If just starting out,” he said, “don’t buy that  second lens until you’ve shot 100 rolls of film.”

The difference between a Pro and Amateur – the size of his wastebasket! Even today, those words ring true. And it probably is one of the better pieces of advice I can think of.

Two things happen when shooting often.

  1. We get to know our camera.
  2. The odds of just happening on a winner increases exponentially.

The special light captured with this image was so subtle that I didn’t actually see the impact until looking at the images back in the studio.


Water dropletB. If our photography is not good enough we’re not close enough…

Often credited to Robert Capa, World War II photographer.

This is a two part statement. He actually was inferring that we should understand our subject better thereby capturing the essence of the story. However, another thing happens when we get physically closer, the image seems to take on a personality hard to see with distractions. Both ways it’s a winner.


C. Be there…

Mountain Mist, happening when weather system passes through, by Bob Grytten
Mountain Mist, happening when weather system passes through, by Bob Grytten

Just go out when the chances are best that something unique will happen.

In nature the sweet light is an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset.

During the rain is another time when the elements come together to create something special.



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