Mushrooms vs. Photo Landscapes

Cataloochee MushroomsWhat does photographing mushrooms have in common with landscapes? A camera is used for both, but what else.

Well one morning, Don and I were over to Cataloochee Valley and after the Elk went in and landscaping light faded we wandered toward Woody’s place, a wide trail at the end of the road.

Now, Don makes fantastic landscapes and loves using wide angle lenses in his story telling. I on the other hand, love the way a long lens can isolate a subject in both close work and landscapes.

So, are there some common elements or procedures for both mushroom photography and landscape as well?

Well, for one one thing, to be successful they both need to speak to us. A special kind of light can help to do that. They both have to have balance. Both should provide a sense of place, a sense of time, and say nature obviously. They both need to guide the viewer’s eye to the story.

I hope we have accomplished that here.


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