What’s Next? Extending our photopgraphy

What’s Next? Moving images?

How can one truly appreciate people from another country, without tapping into their tradition and folk dances. An extension of  the sense of place we try so hard to capture, achieved by simply pressing the video button on our camera.  This short clip was made yesterday with the Sony a6000 camera and the 16-50mm lens. The post production processing, titles and photo credits were made in the Apple computer MacBook Pro program iMovie.

Tips for successful videos.

  • A tripod will help keep the video steady.
  • A fluid tripod head will help smooth panning. you can pay more but I found a Velbon PH-368 on Amazon for $79. That came from a tip from The Right Way to Travel <eletter@greatescapepublishing.com> They carried an article on travel video, that  that I subscribed to.
  • Practice a lot before that special moment.
  • The directional mike attached to the camera will help cut down on unwanted noise near the camera.
  • You will also find many youtube tutorials to help along the way.

And best of all, the composition techniques learned in still photography will lift your video work out of the ordinary. You’re probably way ahead of the curve and didn’t even know it.

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