The World thru the lens

Sometimes the lens helps us to actually see the world as it is.

Fern Fiddle Head
Fern Fiddle Head

Simple, unbiased, growing and alive. A place where the beauty of even the smallest of creatures helps us keep things in perspective.

Oh, if we could only share this experience with others.

In the silence of nature something speaks…           “It is I.”

Can we hear their small silent voice?

My first experience came as an awakening moment as I viewed a tiny worm, inching along a branch. For the first time it became obvious that there was no mistake here. No casual attempt to color this little guy. So obviously painted by a careful purposeful hand. There are no mistakes in nature. My journey began.

The long lens became my friend from that point on…

Later, I realized that photography was not difficult. One really only had to be there. All else would be provided.

  • Use a tripod to steady the long lens.
  • Ues an extension tube to get close and isolate the subject.
  • Make sure there is film or a card in the camera.
  • If it speaks to you, release the shutter.

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