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Mountain Mist at Pssquale's Restaurant, Waynesville, NC
Mountain Mist at Pasquale’s Restaurant, Waynesville, NC

Placing larger pieces of Photo Art someplace besides the walls at home can be a challenge. Then it hit me. Share with a local business that needs wall art. I’m at one of our favorite restaurants, Pasquale’s on Main St. and Allens Creek in Waynesville, NC. “Would you be interested in having some artwork for your walls,” I asked.

In came the images from the car. The owner was giving the first one a real look over when I brought the second one in. I not sure what is going to happen to these, but, they do have prices on them with inscriptions…

This image is entitled Mountain Mist and was made at Morton’s Overlook in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, one late stormy afternoon.
    The framing was done by The Village Framer on Main Street, in Waynesville, NC and I think it really helps to set the mood. The Print is on a durable Vinyl material 48″ X 30″ in size.
    Available for sale at the special price of $650 with a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Villa LaPaz, home for destitute and abandoned children in Lima, Peru. The print only is available for $385.
    The artist is local photographer, Bob Grytten. His website is

Clouds Over Waynesville Framed Image at Pasquale's Rest
Clouds Over Waynesville Framed Image at Pasquale’s Rest.

A plus was the lighting that suddenly appeared to really show off the images. What a nice thing.

The second image entitled Cloud over Waynesville, a multiple exposure to provide detail in both the clouds and darker mountains. Priced at $400, the frame is less expensive and the print itself is priced at $385. 

The third image, smaller, was selected for a placement in a nice location near the window. It sets the mood for the area and was made at the Corneille Bryan Native Garden located off Stewart Drive in the Lake Junaluska Area of Waynesville. This special place is home for over 500 native species and cared for by volunteers in the area. Priced at $285 or $$190 for the print alone.

Clouds Over Waynesville Framed Image at Pasquale's Rest
Yellow Trillium  Framed Image at Pasquale’s Rest




Now I will have to figure out the next step in this marketing plan. Any thoughts will gladly be considered. Hmm, I wonder if any of these could be auctioned off for a worthy cause? Comments invited.

Bob says… Thanks
Bob says… Thanks

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