Close by Lake Junaluska Photos

Flying ant LJ 2Lake Junaluska’s recently added path near the large parking lot is ripe with blossoms, as the insects have discovered.

My Peterson First Guide on insects doesn’t show this species, so I call it a handsome wasp. If you know I’ll appreciate hearing from you.

Swallowtail LJ



This Swallowtail seems to be measuring every step. all these images were shot with one setting incidentally. Aperture Priority with the lens opened all the way, and as it was about 11:30AM with plenty of light and the action was furious, I hand-held Sony a6000 with 18-200mm lensout the background a bit.

Bee LJCome join us on Thursday morning field shoots. This Thursday, Aug 13, we’ll head to Cataloochee Valley for the Elk in early Rut. We leave from the Waynesville Armory at 6:15 AM on this one. Lens luggers take a 30% discount off the regular $45 fee. Expect to be back by 11AM. While no rain is forecast until later, bring rain gear, water, and snacks. Let us know by Tuesday, please at or 828.627.0245. Thanks


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