Camera bags that make a difference

Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter Camera Bag
Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter Camera Bag

In a prior post we mentioned the Shape Shifter bag by Think Tank Photo. Our sample has arrived and it is a honey. Typical long lasting construction, loads of pockets, and unique features.

It is the perfect go along for those trips where you want to carry both camera gear and clothes. Sometimes there is so much camera gear that cloths tend to get left out, because of space. This will be the perfect addition to my Airport Takeoff, the roller bag from Think Tank, that converts to a backpack and also carries my 15″ Macbook Pro.

Think Tank Airport Takeoff Camera Bag
Think Tank Airport Takeoff Camera Bag


Why two similar bags?

First the Roller bag does just that, rolls through airports; however, when doing train stations and other places with stairs, it has to either go on your back or have sturdy handles to carry up or down the stairs. Plus I love to roll my computer.

Then why the Shape shifter?

The shape shifter while a great backpack bag, can also be attached to the Airport Takeoff by a special sleave that slips over the handle of the Roller. A great thought by the Think Tank group. It can also be reduced in size when the Camera Great and other accessories are removed.  Here is the video with details .

Incidentally, on both these bags the tripod can be carried on the outside. Although there is enough room on the inside for my travel tripod, as I prefer not to advertise that I have camera gear with me.

I selected the Naked Shape Shifter Bag as it has removed the pockets for gear so I can place my current gear in protective pouches as well as my belt system which is my working field set up – a more hands-free approach with gear around my waist. It’s also on sale for $199.00 and  readers will receive special product if using the attached code…

The second Shape Shifter, reduced down in size, also serves as my day pack, with more room to expand if I need. Now I have enough room for both my Photo gear and Clothes. And both Bags travel with us on the plane, one travel roller and one backback.

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