Flowers of another kind, w/ photo tips…

Flower basketThis attractive basket of flowers on our deck in morning mist caught my eye. Sometimes the plain ‘ole feel of a subject trumps composition. But it opens discussion about designing an image.

The plus includes the Red & Green hues, a proven winner most times. The two Red flowers right up front so there is no question about the subject. Something in sharp focus and soft background.

Things which could be improved… Choosing a background darker than the foreground so the petals do not draw the eye away from the subject – the eye usually goes to the lightest part of the image. The partial blur of flower in the lower left, either eliminate or crop out. although this is a minor issue here. At least it is not very light. Oh, yes – the blade (streak of something light in the upper middle of  the frame).

We were able to clean up the original image in a post production application. Then we considered cropping to feature the personality of the two flowers in the foreground. It’s up for grabs. Which do you like the best? That’s often the ultimate decider.

Flower basket cropped
Flower basket cropped
Flower basket cleaned up
Flower basket cleaned up

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