Bus to Cahuita – A Costa Rican Photo Adventure

Cahuita, Parc National, Costa Rica
Cahuita, Parc National, Costa Rica

“Cahuita,” “Cahuita,” “Cahuita,” I keep pronouncing once hearing how the locals do it. “Ca-hui-ta.” — We do know they have a Sloth Sanctuary there.  We’re on a bus in Costa Rica, a week before Christmas, but back home there’s snow. Here, no snow, shirt sleeves! But let me back up a bit.

This adventure begins with a plane from Ft. Lauderdale. It’s dark when we touch down at the Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, then a taxi whisks us away to our hotel. The driver talks with the hotel guy at The Millenium II B&B in Alajuela, our hotel for the first Millinum II B&B BG Photoand last nights. No cost for the taxi, just like our friend Elisabeth said. So far so good.

The room’s spartan, but clean. No TV. To eat, “Just a couple blocks up the road,” we’re told. “I’ll unlock the gate. Just ring to come back in…”

Dinner of Chicken, Black Beans, Eggs Chicken, Rice; Salad, Costa Rica
Dinner of Chicken, Black Beans, Rice; Costa Rica


We find a nice restaurant with open porch and sit down to a great Tico meal of chicken, rice and beans, salad and beers. Maybe a couple too many, but we’re here – safe and smiling, anticipating the rest of our journey.

First bus – Oh, you’ve just gotta take the bus to Sequirries,” Elisabeth exclaimed. “You’ll love going through the Cloud Forest!” Visions of something spectacular raced through my mind. I was still anxiously anticipating, standing in line to buy the ticket.  It’s raining more and cars whiz by on the skinny road. Bus stops at a check point type place, then back on our way. Climbing now, can’t see a thing. More rain. Reminds me of the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina but a palm tree here & there gives it away.

Night #2 at Elizabeth's Casa
Night #2 at Elizabeth’s Casa

Suddenly the rain stops and it’s bright and sunny. Then, a sign – Sequirries. We get out to meet friends of a friend, another tasty meal, and to friends home. Definitely, have to explore this place…

Tomorrow, back to bus station and off to Puerto Limon and on to another bus.

on the bus
on the bus

Bus number 2 stops and in come vendors, with chips, fresh fruit, and Lottery tickets. Trooping down the aisle, and back, then they’re gone, but not before they sell something. The younger woman across from us has some fruit and a baby — I’m watching how they eat this. Camera goes up for a quick shot and she notices and looks, then smiles and poses. Click. Part of her wrapper gets stuffed under the back flap of the seat. Hmmm.

Puerto Limon sign. We disembark and look around for the next bus. “Go out of station and to another place,” we’re told. I asked a woman where that is and she begins to explain. I don’t understand her. “Just come with me,” she motions. Small child in hand she’s off. We follow. Over one street, across another, then another down an alley and there we are, at the Puerto Limon station.

Next bus – to Cahuita. These people are so friendly.

After all the talk about pot holes and rough roads, I’m disappointed. It was a smooth ride and comfortable seats. It’s our third bus to get here from San Jose. Next stop Cahuita…

Cahuita, Costa Rica
Cahuita, Costa Rica
Cahuita, Costa Rica Parque National
Cahuita, Costa Rica Parc National

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