Think Tank: Updated Airport rollers released

Think Tank Roller Bag updated

Think Tank Photo just released completely updated versions of their award-winning Airport rolling camera bags. They feature improved handles, greater durability, and dedicated laptop and tablet compartments.

Before, the 15″ lap top had to be carried in another back pack. It gets heavy when having to follow those airport maze like departure gates and back.

We’ve been using the Roller bag for the past 4 years on trips to New Your state, Costa Rica and France. It’s really saved my back.

The Airport International V3.0, sized for international carry-on requirements, holds…

  • two gripped DSLRs with lenses attached,
  • two to four additional lenses,
  • a 15” laptop,
  • and a 10” tablet.

The roller fits up to a 500mm f/4 detached or 400mm f/2.8 attached (hood reversed).

The Airport Security V3.0, sized for US domestic carry-on requirements, holds…

  • two gripped DSLRs with lenses attached
  • four to six additional lenses,
  • a 17” laptop,
  • and a 10” tablet.

The bag also fits up to a 600mm f/4 detached or 500mm f/4 attached (hood reversed).

With our partnership with Think Tank, you receive free gear and free shipping with every order you place for their gear. To take a closer inside CLICK HERE

At 14” W x 21” H x 8” D (35.6 x 53.3 x 20.3 cm), the airport International is a tad smaller than the Airport Security, 14” W x 22” H x 9” D (35.6 x 55.9 x 22.9 cm), to comply with size requirements for International travel, but holds a ton of gear.

Put two bags together…

Another alternative with this bag is to couple it with the Shape Shifter Naked bag which has a special sleave to fit on top of the roller. This way it’s possible to split the camera gear between the two bags leaving more room for clothing etc. I put my Modular belt system in the Shape Shifter which frees up space in the roller for clothing. Both bags on board with us. No need to go to the Airport baggage pick up when departing and we’re always sure to have all our gear with us and not get lost in transit.

Another bag, the Airport Advantage is smaller yet at 12.7” W x 19.5” H x 7.3” D (32.3 x 49.5 x 18.5 cm) and designed to meet the Regional and Commuter Jet requirements.


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