The Sony a6000 Mirrorless Camera Reviewed

Tickseed Sunflower made at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Tickseed Sunflower made at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Hi Linda,

Carol mentioned for me to contact you re. lighter equipment. As you probably know I switched over to the Sony a6000 mirrorless, in an attempt to go lighter primarily for my walking around the lake here and still having the features I feel are important.

The move has not been without challenge. The DSLR is so simple. The Sony is more complex. However, if one knows photography, as you do, it offers some features that are fantastic. As you know the key to photography is recognizing something worth shooting; then even a point and shoot works. And the Sony really works well. Fast, accurate and everything we need. I also shoot on the Aperture Priority or Manual mode when I want to super control the functions.

wild-lupine-Great Smoky Nountain National Park Sept-2016
wild-lupine-Great Smoky Mountain National Park Sept-2016

Here’s what I like:

  • Fast tracking of moving subjects.
  • Accurate focusing.
  • Light weight

  • Here’s what I had to adjust to and How I adjusted:

The Sensor attracts dust like many cameras; but, the Nikon had the auto dust vibrator. to get around that I traded in my kit lens for the Sony 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3. I  have kept my 16-50mm which is 24-75 in 35mm format. And that by itself is a really sweet package. I now carry around a sensor brush which also works well. But I like to shoot in long lens So the 18-200 is my go to system. I also carry a 16mm extension tube for really close images. Tamron also makes a pretty good 18-270mm for Sony that may be a tad smaller than the Sony 18-200mm.

Test photo with 200mm lens on Sony a6000 set on Auto
Test photo with 200mm lens on Sony a6000 set on Auto

Here is a test image I made in the house from my chair across the living room. On Auto hand held at 200mm, 1/20 sec, f/6.3, 3200 ISO. Just point N shoot. No PP alterations. The vertical line in the back of chair is where the two walls some together.

Incidentally the camera doesn’t shut off automatically if I forget to shut it off by the switch and the battery drains. I now carry five batteries, just in case.

Amazon has the a6000 with 16-50mm lens for $448. Not bad.

Here is a good visual review of the Sony a6000 compared to Nikon 5300 and Sony N6 & N7

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