Traveling with camera meets Horse Drawn Carriage, Wine Tasting, Bourg, FR

Carol & I find it difficult not to travel. Surprise events like a wine tasting in the Riverfront  town of Bourg in France. To get there? A horse drawn carriage. Hoofs beat the ancient cobble streets in unison as we return after dark to our Riverboat Forseti, one of the Viking River cruise boats.

How else can one express the magic of the scene? Here’s the short Video…

But there’s more… The late night impromptu parties with new found friends, the succulent food, the European Culture, talks with tavern owner who wanted to know about the US, boardwalk skateboarding and passagio, onboard entertainment, village tours and history accounts etc, etc.

This 8-day trip cost $2500 each including International Air from Asheville, NC to Bordeau, FR and back, Lodging, all meals, wine tastings, museums, and village tours. From a photographers point of view, I found plenty of time to shoot and freedom to wander on my own as often as I wished. Would we do this again? Absolutely.

Incidentally, this video (unedited) was made with the Sony a6000 and 16-50 kit lens.

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