Mist in the mountain – interesting photography

It’s 6:43AM, 39° outside. The third day in a row I build a fire in the wood stove. Dew point is also 39 – means mist. Staying with our theme of making images that tell the story, mist is one of the elements of nature that actually says nature. Besides fog, the moisture lands on foliage creating condensation or dew, another great element of nature.

This time of year Geese are active over Lake Junaluska, a third element screaming nature!

Importance of the Photo…

There is a formula for making an image that editors like. I mention editors because their job is solely to use images that draw the casual eye to their article. If lucky, the customer will buy that magazine because of it, and circulation goes up another click. The more clicks the greater advertisers will pay for space in the publication. Those advertising dollars pay the photographer for the use of his or her image.

At least that is the theory. Today, more advertising dollars are drifting away to the Internet. The challenge is to track those publications still paying $$ to photographers and writers. Back to the Formula. I believe it still works. In fact, I know it still works. Even if one is not interested in entering the business of photography it is still helpful to learn the elements or design of an image, because a good saleable picture is still a good image whether used in a publication, a contest or just as a benchmark for personal satisfaction.

Formula for success…

The formula goes like this… SP = B + P + S + I . SP stands for Saleable Picture. B stands for background. P stands for people or person. S stands for Symbol. I is for Involvement. In other words, if one sets out to design or make an image that is above the ordinary in effectiveness, have a background that does not distract from the main elements. Include a person, a symbol and have then interacting. Thanks to Rohn Engh and his Writers Digest books for this formula.

If doing nature, use an animal or insect in place of “Person.” Something like this…Swallowtail LJ





Sunflower LJThat would be more effective than just a flower, even though we’ve taken the time to have a clean non distracting background.

Adding mist or dew drops strengthens our nonverbal description of where we are. And so on…

In a few moments, I’m heading out the door to see what special elements nature holds down by Lake Junaluska. It’s 7:27AM and sunrise is just around the corner. I’ve got about ten minutes to get to the lake.

More later…




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