Mist in the Mountains, continued…

I arrive at Lake Junaluska about 8am and it’s socked in, heavy mist. I know the sun will be reaching over the mountain tops in about 20 minutes, so I hunker in to what I have, which is a huge diffused light blanket.

Lake Junaluska-morning mist
Lake Junaluska-morning mist

Reminiscent of Florida, one must get the camera working for whatever is there, if hopeing to capture anything. Something about using a long lens to help isolate situations, I’m at 200mm now and spot a possibility. With camera on the tripod I walk closer and this is what I select…



Web in dew - LJ
Web in dew – LJ


Then another, and another.   Suddenly the sun burns through the mist and voila – back lit gems…




And more…

Web in mist #2
Web in mist #2



Once the dance begins one almost points and shoots. I add an extension tube to get closer.

Masive flowing mist begins to clear the sky
Massive flowing mist begins to clear the sky



A breeze comes up and we’ve got flowing mist – in an out over the lake…





My camera of choice is a Sony a6000 with Sony 18-200mm lens and occasionally an extension tube to get closer, and blow the background out. My Nikon d300, actually any Nikon or Cannon with long lens will work. Most any camera,  even a fixed telephoto lens, using extension tube for close work.

The only caveat is that when things are popping like this, one has to be able to work fast. Shooting on Aperture Priority requires only one setting – then point and shoot.

This should be put to music — I’ll publish if I do…  Thanks for looking in. Feel free to share, like and follow.

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