When does traditional Photography slip into something more sensual?

Blue Ridge Parkway October 28, 2016
Blue Ridge Parkway October 27, 2016

Yesterday afternoon, Taco and I spent time up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I think it is the peak of the Fall Color for this year As the elevation changed so did the hues. As the sun broke through the haze so did the vibrancy. Many colors were so subtle.

And I was not happy with my camera. It was not recording what I saw, or thought I saw.
Finally, I switched to a menu setting on this Sony a6000 called “POP.” Ah, that was more like it, and yet a bit too garnish. I don’t usually use those settings. Photography sure has changed from the days of Kodak  ASA 25 film.

I finally switched to a setting that I found almost by accident, some months ago. It’s called Watercolor and embodies what I think I feel when immersed in nature. There are no hard lines, no edge from one shade to another actually. Just a flowing. And one becomes one with the essence of nature’s ebb and tide. So, that Watercolor setting does  flow and emulates what I sense. Here are some of the results…

Fall foilage blue Ridge Parkway Watercolor interperation
Fall foliage Blue Ridge Parkway Watercolor interpretation
Fall close study, Blue Ridge Parkway
Fall close study, Blue Ridge Parkway



This one so much emulates the feel on this breezy day, the movement of the foliage. Before we would try to stop this movement for fear of having something out of focus. Or purposely set up a treatment when there would be a calculated blurring to convey the movement. Or try to block the movement of the wind. Well, the wind is a natural occurrence and if our duty is to communicate where we are, what is happening, we should show it.

Yes, some judge in a competition may take points off for the blurriness. I embrace it. This is what it was like out there. And this most emulates my experience. If someone else can sense the place, feel the essence, our image works.

Cascade BRP Fall
Cascade BRP Fall

The few leaves on the rocks in a standard photograph and trickle of water looks sick in the original image. Here, I feel what I am sensing. What my eye sees, and ears hear and skin feels.

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Bob says… Thanks
Bob says… Thanks

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  1. Beautiful images for sure! In the end it does not matter how we get to screen (or paper) what we perceive we see/have seen. So there is nothing wrong using art-filters in camera or presets in Lightroom. Thanks for sharing your work!


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