NC Zoo Photos that Communicate

Two days ago for Carol’s birthday, we finally made it to the North Carolina Zoo, five acres of nature in the raw. Hats off to the facility.

Most surprising…

The surprise was the North American exhibit. African elephants, giraffes, antelope, are usual fauna fare at zoos. But seldom have I seen panther, grizzly & polar bears, alligator, sea lion, otters and bobcat in such a natural and open setting.

New at the Zoo…

Bison! -the largest terrestrial animals in North America. We happened to be there on Bison Day. If you go, make it during feeding time. These ancient beasts know when the hay truck is coming and run for it. Makes for great video, with the dust kicked up and all. It works with still aiso, to create a different effect than just standing around.

Silverback Gorilla, NC zoo, Fall 2016
Silverback Gorilla, NC zoo, Fall 2016

About shooting for communication…

For me, few things communicate like the eyes. This Silverback Gorilla couldn’t be more expressive. The catch light will help your image. I try to get them looking right at the camera. This is where my Sony a600 really played off. It handled the low light conditions perfectly and with fast focus, allowing me to keep an eye on the animals to get just that right expression. My lens was the 18-200mm Sony zoom. The 200mm setting was used the most.

If you go…

Think about parking in the African area, then taking the Shuttle to the North American Plaza which goes mostly uphill, then walking down the Connector Trail to view the areas of interest. We arrived when they opened up and glad we did. As the day gets on so does the number of people. After 4 hours we were back at the parking lot having covered most of the species. We took a motel room in High Point for $65 plus $25 for our dog which was close enough to Asheboro, location of the zoo. Admission $15 to $11 a day per person for eTicketrs. Annual membership of $84 for family carries unlimited admission. More information and great map at




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