What do Animals feel?

When asked about Zoos, I could not always give a positive response. In fact I found myself becoming outspoken about what seemed to me to be Animal Jails. OH, I knew the reasons for having zoos, education and loosing species, etc; but still, I never felt right about how animls appeard to live. We’re they happy?

Then this weekend, we visited the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC. I had heard that it provided a more natural open environment and I was interested in seeing for myself. I thought there might be somethng here that might find an audiance in a photo /text package. Initially, I was impressed with the zoo layout. They have it spread out over 500 acres. And yes, I think this zoo has done a lot to help create a livable place for their residence.

However, in many areas or exhibits, I sensed the same behaviorial patterns exhibited in other smaller zoos where animals were behind bars. Here, they were behind clear plastic  pannels but with much more space to roam around.

Silverback Gorrilla eye and hands
Silverback Gorrilla eye and hands

I am wondering about how content or happy the animals are. I think the many people visiting the zoo were happy, especailly the children and their parents. However, some of the images I was able to make appeared tell a different story. Expressions and body language, as in this of the Silverback Gorilla,

Silverback Gorilla Face Close, NC zoo
Silverback Gorilla Face Close, NC zoo

and this one from  the last post…

Prompted by some of the behavioral patterns of the Panthers, and Lions, I went to google for some help.

I came across this, Zoo Animals                                              and Their Discontent. Worth a read. Comments invited…

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