For Great Photography – SIB KISS

Saaaafrass leaves turning color
Sassafras leaves turning color by Bob Grytten

It’s amazing how many things improve by keeping them Simple. When learning about selling Cutco Cutlery in college, that was a premise we often heard. It’s also a great rule for photography. We called it SIB KISS. “See It Big, Keep It Simple Stupid.”

Of course, we don’t have to always include Stupid, but it does put the emphasis on the importance of the idea.

More good images are ruined by putting too much stuff in the frame. Photography has less to do with the camera than with the photographer, so it’s up to us to make some decisions.

The images can absolutely change just by isolating the main part in the frame. No matter what kind of camera we use, composition pretty much stays the same.

A few Rules:

  • Make the subject at least 1/3 of the frame.
  • Use negative space – nothing in it.
  • Include only things that support the subject.

If you can’t move closer to the subject and still have it in focus, that will indicate what accessories you may need, ie., an extension tube or close up lens as an example. That’s how we decide the kind of camera we want or need and kind of accessories to have.

Here is a link that offers greater discussion on the subject. Even though it is designed for an iPhone, it is very specific to composition suggestions for any camera –

The most fun thing about photography is often using different techniques and seeing the results. More ideas are shown at another Lens Lugger site – Lens Lugger World.


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