Images that lead into articles

Gr Pardiso, Italy. Hikers with binoculars. Bob Grytten image
Gr Pardiso, Italy. Hikers with binoculars. Bob Grytten image

If there is anything I’ve learned, it’s editors love Images that lead into articles. Why, because Images stop buyers in their tracks! Buyers??? Yes, Magazine buyers. Like it or not the magazines are in the business of making money. They make money from advertisers, or used to before the Internet, but that’s a subject for another time.

So, advertisers provide the $$ for magazines; but, consumers that buy the magazine provide the circulation that determines the size of the Advertising dollar. So, the images draw attention to the article. The better the image the more shoppers it stops as they flip through the pages of the magazines at the new stand, at supermarkets or wherever.

Once catching the shopper’s attention, next is the title of the article, then the first sentence, next the first paragraph. Then hopefully they head to the cash register to buy the magazine. Or so the story goes.

Designing the image…

So a lot depends upon the Image. Of course, that’s where we come in – designing the image in a way that catches the buyers eye.

In our leading image, the people on the side of the mountain are there for a reason. You may recall from another article that there is a formula for effective photo illustrations. One thing is to include people. The next is to have a symbol that shows the intent of the article. Next is to show involvement. Provide a clean background and voila.

This image was actually purchased by a magazine to help illustrate the story, which we had the privilege to do also. That is what we have found to be an effective marketing tool. Photo/Text packages. Incidentally, When doing Photo/Text Packages we receive two fees. One for Images and one for the Writing. Also, there is no competition.

Two ways to cause the situation to occur…

The first is to Develop the story and sell it to a magazine. Then select the location, hire a camera crew, art director, and weatherman. All gather at the place to do the photography, hope everything works and the weather cooperates. That’s where the weatherman came in.

The second way is learn what goes into making a Photo Text package. Carry your camera with you. Take pictures that come up along your way. When back at the studio, select the images that might make up the story, do research to nail down the story details. Then, do a one-page query letter outlining your idea and send it out potential magazines. When you receive a go ahead. Complete the article and send it to the magazine along with the images.

Photo Text Packages

We have the details of the second method in the form of an ebook. The original cost $19.95, but with the magic of the internet, it is available for $9.95 which includes:

    • Equipment,
      • Cameras
        • Film
        • DSLR
        • Mirrorless
        • Smart phone
      • Lighting
      • Computer


  • Behind the scene accounts,
    • Selecting images
  • Over a dozen case studies
    • of actual events
    • field work
      • model releases
      • What to have
      • what to leave behind
    • to publishing,
      • Protocal
      • Contacting the magazine
        • Phone
        • Mail
        • e-mail
  • Examples of query letters,
    • Mail
    • e-mail
  • Reviews
    • What  works,
    • What doesn’t work
  • Images and more.

ONLY $9.95. E-mail us today  to reserve yours at:

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