Images by circumstance, in memory of Mary VanMeer.

When searchng for this post’s image, I couldn’t help chose this one made as we raced toward an overnight in Georgia…Georgia Sunset

We were fresh from Carol’s retirement from Florida Power Corporation and we wanted to see how it would be, spending a month or so on the Road in our Volkswagen Westfalia Camper. Having picked up a copy of Don Wright’s Guide to Free Campgrounds, we would list by map the coordinates of the ones that looked interesting. Our plan was to camp along the way as we drove from one area to another.

On the occasion of this image, it was getting late and we were heading to a place that was closest to us. We did not really know what we would find when arriving there but one road turned into another and the sun was going down. We like to arrive before dark. This was in the days before GPS, at least we did not have one. Finally we arived. Before us is the image above or nearly, as the sky is rapidly changing. The headlights are on now as I fiddle with the tripod and camera controls. Headlights off and I managed this image and another vertical format, as I recall.

Expect the unexpected…

I should mention that the first place we stopped for camping was closed and had a yellow crime scene tape around it. Gulp!

It was later that I learned that the Orignal Publisher was Mary VanMeer. Later she became an inspiration to me, as I’m sure she had become for countless others.

She had begun this camping  publication while on the East Coast of Florida and later sold it to Don Wright. But she couldn’t sit still. She put together the newsletter, Thrifty Traveler, filled with tips for the frugal traveler. Turns out she had moved to Clearwater, FL by then, only a short distance from the small town of Holiday where Carol & I had moved.

We became friends and newsletter colleagues, as we were then publishing our “F/8 and Being there…” she relayed to me that in the process of getting her newsletter off the ground she was sending out review copies and was down to her last stamp from her Stamp Collection. It was then she receive a review that jump started her new business. I knew from that moment that she would always succeed at whatever she wished.  Her lastest endeavor is one that should be of interest to any Blogger. She produces the newsletter ebook How to Work from Home and Make Money Online from here How to Blog for Fun and

Latest on Mary VanMeer

I have just learned that Mary has passed away. We are shocked and saddened. She was so vibrant and was so sharing of herself. She will be missed. In deference to her legacy, I will leave the above account as originally written. This post is dedicated to her life and vibrance.

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