Marketing photography? Super new market…

The change in markets requires a change in the way we look at markets. The old adage – “Find a need and fill it,” suddenly takes on a new meaning. Exciting times.

J-Creek Fabric with owner. Article published in The Mountaineer Magazine
J-Creek Fabric with owner. Article published in The Mountaineer Newspaper

Getting my work published in magazines and newspapers suddenly dropped, when 2008 happened. However, before that event, I discovered that if I added words to my images in the form of a story ideas, I had much more success. A single page idea to an editor suddenly changed my approach from a selling posture to problem-solving. Competition with other photographers disappeared. Ongoing relationships flourished. Business became an exciting opportunity.

It was an approach I had used before, in my Reale Estate business. When a person had a piece of Real Estate to sell, we would first sit down and listen to what they had to say about their situation. Seldom was the problem with their real estate but rather connected to a personal issue. Once they were able to talk their way through it, the solution became more obvious to both of us. So the traditional approach was different. The same is true in today’s approach to marketing our photography.

Instead of trying to sell our images, we use them to solve a clients problem. If we free our minds from traditional thought, and look around, we’ll notice that newspapers have had to adjust to the new economy. In the process they have had to reduce staff. Now they have fewer reporters to find editoral content. That is where we come in. If we act as that reporter, one of the places we can find a story is within our own business community. We can draw attention to businesses and supply the newpaper with stories, solving two needs at the same time.

We offer two products to business.

  • The first is an article with photography. The business receive the news release with photography and in our community the newspaper loves receiving the editorial content. Yes, the business could run an advertisement; however, for some reason, an article seems to have more impact and greater effect for the business.
  • The second is a video plus an article with photography. The article goes to the newpaper and the video goes to their Facebook, You Tube, and wherever else you chose to send it. We become marketers in partnereship with the business. Cool and fun.

Should we complete the story? for more e-mail me at

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