Featured Photographer – Lens Lugger Michael Ritter

bg_egret-1“I took this image on January 14, 2016 using my Nikon Df (I tend to use my Df more in harsh light due to its great dynamic range). I used a Nikon 200-500 VR lens at 410 mm, 1/2000 sec shutter speed at f/5.6, ISO 800. I also had the exposure compensation set for -1/3 EV to help (again) with the harsh light. This was taken hand held. Some light editing was done in Lightroom.

“The black background is actually a shaded creek. The egret was standing in the sun (light coming from the left) on a small concrete dam. The location is Egan’s Creek Greenway on Amelia Island, FL. The “Greenway” is a protected area of over 300 acres that runs north to south along Egan’s Creek. Its grass-covered roads serve as a network of trails that are suitable for walking and bicycling, and its environment exhibits a variety of natural wildlife and vegetation.  Local wildlife, such as alligators, snakes, bobcats, and many birds.”

**Ed notes A few thing set this image apart from the crowd.

  • First, the background is nondistracting and really helps the image POP
  • Next, the Egret is moving to the right — we read (Americans) from left to right. For some reason, images the direct our eye left to right seem to resonate more.
  • The leg is raised up –that shows action.
  • The white bird isn’t washed out — good use of texture.

“Congratulation, Michael!”

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