Can blogging help my photography?

One of our first Photo/Text Stories

I guess we could say, it depends. If at a point where our photography is to tell a story, I would say YES. Blogging is really just an extension of telling a story. They both are about communicating.

Also, by thinking out words, other ideas come to us. That’s a natural process of writing, allowing thoughts to flow.

Another thing, if using an image to illustrate a blog, which we should be doing, it forces us to think objectively about our photography. Is most of our work a documentation image of a thing or does it communicate an idea?

So, one supports the other. When I first started in photography, the top 100 photographers had already been identified and had thousands of images already in their files.  When a call for a certain image went out the competition was fierce.

I’m not sure exactly when the idea of Photo/Text packages came to me, but it wasn’t long before my submission acceptance jumped and with it, my pay checks. I do recall a trip to New Orleans when we booked a Swamp Tour. During lunch, we overheard someone talking about a Swamp Monster call “Wookie.” That became the center point for a story. Off we went to the local RadioShack and purchased a tape recorder. My wife recorded the entire trip, all the Guide’s words, and I took the pictures. Back home my wife transcribed the tape to written words, and we edited it. That was about the time of our first Photo/Text package, which was published in Family Motor Coaching Magazine.

Later, checks were coming in from… International Wildlife Magazine, Nature Photographer Magazine,  more from Family Motor Coaching Magazine, Let’s Live Magazine, Sailing Magazine, Triathlete Magazine, Woods & Water Magazine, Florida Boating Magazine, AAA Go Magazine, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Blue Ridge Country Magazine, and more 

Photo/Text packages are still the cornerstone of my work. Now, for only the second time we will be offering a special program.

Learn everything your need to change your business…

  • the kind of images that editors need,
  • submission protocol,
  • how to select the publications to contact,
  • developing a stable of regular clients,
  • and more…

If you would like to sign up for the upcoming workshop, Developing Photo/Text Packages, we are accepting early reservation now. Normally a three-day program like this would cost in excess of $1,500; however, because of a special arrangement, we are able to offer this special event for only $695.

But if you Preregister Today, your seat will be reserved for only $450, a savings of $245. Refundable $50 will lock in your seat. E-mail today to hold your space.

A preregistration Gift awaits the first five registrants …

  •  Think Tank Photo Bag valued at over $100.00.
  •  Lens Lugger Membership valued at $60

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