Using Sunglasses to Polarize photo, in a pinch.

Saturday Clouds with Sunglass Filter Camera: Sony A7II, Lens: Sony 50mm f1.8, f/4.5, 1/200 sec, “0” EV

I’m reminded of the Gregory Berg article of taking an image a day and how much benefit we can attain. So beginning yesterday, my plan is to make an image every day which I will put up on the blog with comments. From time to time I see on Facebook others have begun that exercise. I think it is most important for newer photographers; but, as one that is far from new, I’m looking forward to experiencing the exercise as well. If you are doing the same thing or have done it, we would like to hear about your experience.

So, about this image of Clouds out my front deck as we catch the wonderful NC hight country sun. The billowing clouds were just racing by on this clear afternoon. I slipped my sunglasses on and ZOWIE, what a pop of saturation.

As I’m even more active with my camera these days to better learn my new Sony Mirrorless Full Frame, I rushed to the car to get the camera. By the time I returned the show had passed me by and only wispy fragments were in the sky.

However, as I have not yet received my polarizer filter yet, I decide to just hold my sunglass lens over the front of the camera lens. Above is the result. the sun was just right for a good polarizer effect – 90° from the subject. It’s a little trick I had forgotten about until just now.

Saturday Clouds without filter

Here is also the image without filtration…

Comment about the image: The reason I made the exposure of this simple scene, is because I felt something was connecting to me. When that happens, I just release the shutter. I try not to over compose; but to be receptive. Many things I  used to consciously think about are now sort of ingrained, and I know the moment is often fleeting, so I trust that it works. It’s almost as though my job is just to show up with the camera. I usually leave the rest up to the universe, then move on to the next thing. I guess I’m just very serendipitous.

In the Gregory Berg article, photographer Gregory Berg will show you how to practice mindful photography to help develop your eye and improve your photos. Learn the art of seeing! Here is the link in case you haven’t seen the article.

When you click on the article you will also be taken to Darlene’s blog. It’s a great follow.

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