Fun exercise for photography – stack of firewood

A stack of Firewood does not care if you make images of it, but the owner of the property might. Ask him or her. Next, take any ole camera or smartphone even. Hold it parallel to the stack and look at what you have. You may see some things not noticed before. Good.

Stack of Firewood

What are we looking at? Shapes, textures, lines, all kinds of graphic elements. What we want to do is see how many of these design elements we can make with this stack. There are few rules.



On my stack, two pieces of wood are different shades.

  • One is the darker piece on the upper left side of the pile.
  • The other is the one that is “more brown” in the upper right quadrant if you’re into “Rule of Thirds.” I use it all the time. Make an imaginary tick tack toe (#) over the stack. The third quadrant is where the lines cross. The idea is to place the distinctive element where the lines cross. That alone creates interest.

If we reframe the stack of firewood cropping the upper left but keep the more brown in the third quadrant, that is one image.

…or we could make a closer image and make it a square frame…

Each stack of wood will offer different composition opportunities.

Have fun and send us what you design, follow, like or share.

Bob says… Thanks


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