Photography in the Rain

Complementary colors

When it rains and overcast, images can be special. Not quite sure what I’ll find on   this drive through the country,  play of the highest order.

This one I titled “Complimentary colors.” The biological names I’m not sure about, but, it spoke.

Azaleas, early Bloom

Here’s another, perhaps not as verbal but it showed well in the soft light. Exposure made through the open window, as it was raining, with the zoom lens at largest Aperture of f/6.3. If I had used an “extension  tube” or faster lens, the background would have been softer.


Country Scene

This next image I titled simply, “Country scene,” so typical of our mountain community. I was attracted to the pastoral scene itself but felt the colorful tree would provide a focal point. Not until back at the computer did I notice the splendid green, often a benefit of shooting in the rain. However, we must experience it personally to appreciate the special qualities.

All images were made with the Sony Aii and Sony 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 APS-C E-mount lens, right out of the camera with no enhancement.


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