Photography and Self Discovery

Paulo Coelho makes a very pithy statement about the process of self discovery. “When we don’t know where life is taking us, we are never lost.” We all can use the inspiring words of others. Sometimes we have to wander a bit and trust that our journey will lead us to our purpose.

bud unidentified Test: SonyRX100ii

Such was the case when I went through the process and into the field of photography. For me it was the testing of Johnson O Connor Research Foundation that initiated my journey. The results of my day and a half testing  suggested photography as a field where I could use my innate abilities. I don’t recommend making a long term commitment just because it’s a fun activity or one becomes fascinated with the camera. It is far better to find out what ones own gifts are, then explore fields that need those talents.

Keep photography as your fun thing, for the business of photography is 70% business, and only 30% the craft. The field is littered with bodies that blindly hoped the somehow someone would pay for what was fun to do.

Photography Field Changing

I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. The field of Photography seems like it’s in a massive upheaval right now. Or is it only an illusion? With more people using “smart phones,” and organized class enrollments down, what’s a Pro instructor to do? One local instructor I know has aligned himself with a county’s ecological program. On the plus side, more are probably discovering their own voice using these easy “always have with us” little cameras.

The magazine industry, is experiencing a major shift in revenue as advertisers search other media. The Advertising $$ used to be the major source of revenue for photographers. I’m still searching for the publications that need my work. More on that later…

New Options in Photography…

We probably can’t realistically expect to have enough time nor money to learn everything through our own experience. Looking to others for new directions makes more sense – seminars, workshops and reading others experiences.

In my one case and probably with increased awareness, I realized that I don’t have to plan everything. That was a pretty strong revelation for someone with a subjective personality. In other words, I discovered that my job was just to show up, prepared as I could be. The rest would become known to me. From that point, exposing a lot of film helped develop an intuitive feel for light, composition, and the other things necessary to record a sense of place.

Learning more about ourselves, our strong suits and weaknesses may be more important in discovering those areas that give us the greatest satisfaction, happiness and harmony with others.

It was Harvey LLoyd that said, “Dabble a lot, until you find that thing that wild horses can’t pull you away from.”

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“When we don’t know where life is taking us, we are never lost.” — Paulo Coelho from The Spy, pg 68.

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