Photographers are lucky…

As photographers, we have so many opportunities to help those around us. Not just with our work, but because our attitude is right. It’s hard to make a beautiful image with stinking thinking. So, we sometimes, need to step outside our own comfort center to pass on an extra smile, or word of encouragement to someone else.

Smiles are like mirrors, when we smile someone does it back at us.

But, if we have a down moment, when maybe things aren’t going so well, we need to have tools around. I’m reading a book right now called, Being The Best by Denis Waitley. He’s the one responsible for including a note about the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, which I will always be grateful for. That’s the place that helps us

into the field we should be in. If you get the book or have the book and send us a book review, we’ll send you a Mountain Troll Candle as our thank you for not hiding your light under a basket.


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