Technology yields Ideal Travel Camera

In the prior post we had a lot of comments about the photography. After 30 plus years of shooting with Nikon, and looking for something with all the features I needed and could carry comfortably while on casual walks, I tried the Sony a6000. Not only did it meet my needs well but provided many new features. And it was all about the technology.

Cadillac, FR

The beautiful interior in this Church would have been a real challange with Nikon. I would have had to use a tripod or a flash. Both items are not allowed in many of the European Churches.

This image was made with the Sony a6000 and Sony 16-50 lens. The camera was hand held on the Auto setting. I have found that setting to be excellent for general all around travel photography. Here is what the camera does.

First, it has a fast and accurate exposure and focus ability and for low light it increases the ISO to make sure that the sensor will receive everything correctly, all automatically. That save me from having try one exposure than reset and try another.

Many cameras when set on a high ISO also cause a strange unwanted pattern to show up. It is called “noise,” in the Camera business. Sony has almost eliminated this in high ISO settings, although many manufacturers are racing to catch up.

Fawn romping in the meadow


Here is another example of how Sony’s technology gets the job done. Again set on auto… Yes, I could have anticipated this activity and set my shutter fast enough to catch the action and preset the correct Aperture for the light, etc, etc, but by then the moment would have gone by.

It’s nice to be able to understand and be able to select a Manual or Aperture Priority function as well as many other presets, and we do that. If we need to do close up work and have less Depth of Field, we have that option, and if one has learned the other techniques, this camera has those also. If not someone is not skilled in those areas, this is also the camera to grow into, while setting on Automatic.

We’ve looked for a good set up package and this is what we found. At Amazon the Sony a6000, plus the Sony 16-50mm lens, plus Two Batteries and charger, two SD cards, and extras for only $658. And remember Amazon also has a liberal return policy. We think the try and decide rule is the way to go.

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