The secret of photography

Morning Glory Maple Leaf Lane,

The secret of success in our photography – it may come just by doing . It may be that simple.

It is one craft that we can earn as we learn. Each image goes into our bank. Where else can we explore different worlds, enriching ourselves in the process. While we may find ourselves involved in different phases of photography, it’s the JOURNEY that brings the rewards. We learn from looking at images others make and picking up tips in seminars, personal reading and workshops. What makes it all come together? Pressing the shutter release button.

You looking at me?, Bull Elk

I hadn’t recalled taking this image of the bull elk, but there it was, registered on my memory card from a recent shoot. How did that happen? It is a more unusual stance than anything else I have in my files. And it’s not the first time that something has showed up that wasn’t planned.

And that probably explains a lot about this craft. While making preperations to give ourselves an edge for a positive outcome, being there is the secret.

We continue to acquire knowledge about our equipment, how different compositions result in different messages, the elements of design that can better communicate, and such.

What occurred to me was that if I made sure I was in the field with my equipment, opportunities would occurred. It was that simple.

We could no more come away with a winning image then the man in the moon, if we’re  not there. No amount of preparation could replace being there. No fancy equipment would make a difference, if we’re not there. None. The latest technology would not make us better, if I didn’t use it.

What was happening to me in the early days was that I was also finding out what was working, what wasn’t. For each of us, different things will happen. Each of us will experience differently, and yet the same. But this is where we build our skill.

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