Photo Tours vs Workshops, knowing the difference…

Oconuluftee River

It’s nice to know if you’re expected to ford a river and most instructors will let you know.

But, ever arrive at a destination, only to have the trip leader announce you may not get what you expected — a teaching experience. That’s what one photographer relayed to me, to his disappointment.

Here is a brief review of the most common activities to expect, when…

Photo Tours often are just that – a tour. Generally led by a notable photographer but – a tour, non the less! Seldom is much time scheduled to discuss the craft, and the lead photographer may be photographing as well. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a positive experience and your leader may very well help where he or she can. If finding ones self in this situation unexpectedly, use the time to converse with others in the group. Often they can provide very helpful information. This differs from a Workshop.

Workshops are usually designed to provide some kind of instruction. The kind will usually depend upon the photographer. Some may have a course outline and even provide visual instruction. This kind of program may also include field work and generally the instructor will be available to answer questions and/or point out things during the field shoot. The program may provide a review of the groups work, projecting digital images and critiques. To learn what the format will be, prior to the registering, there should be a way to talk to the instructor directly or at least converse by e-mail.

A Seminar format will often take the form of a slide lecture and some may even offer a Q&A session as well. Which ever program you decide to do, one thing is certain, buying another experience is one way to reduce the “trial and terror,” often associated with a new experience. Unfortunately, we must still release the shutter often, to make those new methods become part of us.

Bob says… Thanks

What circumstances have you experienced that we can pass along in a post? Love to hear about ’em. Then I’ll pass on one of my terrors and a few that even turned positive. Thanks for looking in. Please share, like and even follow…



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