Some Photo Basics for everyone…

Early on in my “photo career,” at one of the group learning sessions, some things have stayed with me, although they’re deep in there somewhere and emerge automatically.

The first thing I remember may seem a bit over basic, but without it there is no foundation, so here goes…

FAST means…

F – Focus

A – Set aperture (it controls depth-of-field)

S – Set shutter

T – Think. (Look around the frame to make sure it is what you want – sometimes referred to as composition)

Do all this before releasing the shutter. It may seem basic, but without it, you may not be happy. Obviously, we can let the camera do all this and with some smart cameras that may be all we want or need.

FAST works best when we want to soften the background, stop motion, or any number of creative things.

Mute Swan Lake Junaluska, NC by Bob Grytten

On Composition…


“S” curves help make the image soothing

Adamasco Lily



Vertical images convey loftiness,





Jagged lines say action.


Adding this information to our photographic vocabulary, gives us clues to how better make a subject communicate…

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