Fall color, a few tips…

Seems like everyone waits for the peak of fall colors; however, there is gold anytime. These images were made yesterday at Haywood Community College. Fortunately, the sun only broke through for a few moments, so we were able to do the photography in a natural diffuser. When the sun was out, the glare on the morning dew of the leaves was toned down with a Polarizer.

A few tips…

It’ hard to beat the red green combination. Of course this is always a personal choice, so the rules can flow with natures offer. Including other graphic design elements will strengthen the image. On this image, notice the imaginary triangles formed on the bottom right and left using the edge of the frame to complete the sides. Also. we can stretch that design element to the upper left, sort of. Triangles in an image strengthen the appeal for some reason.

The eye likes odd numbers of things for some reason. One, Three, or five seem to flow better than two and four. This images also coincidentally is red & Green and if one squints we can see the triangles on the left bottom & the right bottom. The background was diffused more by getting closer to the subject and opening up the aperture from f/6.3 to f/4.0

Leaf in contrast


We noticed a single brown leaf just hanging there. Through the view finder we were able to move the camera so the subject is just off center for more interest.

Water droplets


Just then the sun came out again and most subjects were too contrasty. Lurking amidst the piles of leaves already on the ground, this guy was spotted, the water droplets glistening,  a few leaves contrasted against the darker.


Leaves in sunlight orig


Our last subject reminds us to constantly check the background and sides of the frame for distractions. The eye naturally goes to the lightest area. In this case we could crop the images and still have a usable picture, even though a few spots of light remain poking through, which may be possible to correct with a post production program.

Leaves cropped on left side

…and finally we did increase the saturation by reducing the brightness a bit to more correctly bring the color back to what our eye saw. The camera doesn’t always record the colors accurately.

All images were made with camera on tripod.  Settings were Aperture Priority with aperture set depending upon need for depth of field.


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