Chance Photo Opportunities

Lake Junaluska sunset

We’re on our way to dinner and as I drive down Old Clyde Road toward Rt 209 and the road to Waynesville, it’s obvious the sky is setting up to send a message. Carol sees it too. No longer do I have to make excuses for a detour, as I head toward Lake Junaluska.

The water is like glass, then wind streaked and so on looking from the bridge that is now closed and under reconstruction. A magnificent supporting cast of clouds, reflections and mist seem to be stand by waiting for their lines, and the main actor, Sun.

I must had made 2o-30 exposures as the kaleidoscope of scene changed, until without question one would stand out to tell the story.

One of the things I paid attention to has been the huge number of times I see special weather systems developing while on my way to someplace else. Those opportunities don’t show up often while going out on a shoot.

After all, I probably drive 10 times more often than getting my gear together for a special trek or shoot. That prompts me to have my camera close by. When I lived in Florida, I would put my equipment in a cooler to keep the thin sensitive oils from disappearing.

Here in the mountains it’s jut a matter of making sure I have fresh batteries and camera with long lens and of course the tripod.

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