On Seeing Photographically by Perc. E. Powell

Mountain mist over Waynesville, NC  Bob Grytten image

The note reads…

“Just another Essay you may use.”

Regards, Perc.

I don’t recall the exact moment I met Perce. E. Powell, but he ceratainly impressed. Not knowing anyone that had been a Royal Canadian Mountie or had snowshoed the from coast to coast Canada was only the beginning. He had been there done that, as they say. Perc passed on some 20 plus years ago, when we still lived in FL and published the F/8 and being there… newsletter. We are pleased to share some his words…

“Have you ever stood on the seashore and felt the spray on your face and noticed the wonderful colors of the water and sky? Did you ever on a summer’s day watch the fleecy clouds skim the swaying treetops and notice the beautiful greens and blues? Have you ever paddled down the river in the twilight and watched the beautiful symmetry of each stroke of the paddle in the water?

Did you ever lie on your back beside a campfire and watch the red light flickering on the trees? Have you ever hiked on a cold winter’s night by the full moon, frosty air and the stars so close you felt as if you could reach them? Have you ever watched a sunrise or a sunset over a wheat field on the prairie? Have you walked through a dim and lofty forest that seemed to echo your very whispers?

Yes, my friend, I wonder if any of us realize to the full the influences that color and light have upon our lives, our thoughts, and even our health and happiness. It is amazing how much we look at but in which we see so little We can, however, cultivate a seeing eye thus adding greatly to every journey we take. Travel with a camera and you will see far more than you otherwise would, for you become observant, ever on the lookout for the unusual and the artistic.”  —Perc. E. Powel EFIAP, IMFIAP




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  1. I, too, was fortunate to have known Perc. E. Powell. As a teenager living on Clearwater Beach, I had an insatiable interest in photography. Perc. owned and operated the local “Clearwater Camera Center,”…and I frequented it often. My first purchase from him was a used Nikkormat….which I believe he had given to his son to take on a summer exchange trip abroad. It didn’t end there. Darkroom equipment and supplies, lenses, filters, tripod, a Nikon F, photofinishing, and of course his wonderful suggestions and gentle but honest critiques of my work. Perc. was a man who was passionate about his art…and was equally willing to share his experience with others. I miss him… and the mom-and-pop shops that took the time to mentor a kid thirsting to learn.


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