Finding Ones Niche in Photography…

Bob taking picture of class, Cataloochee Valley, Palmer house Paul Viau photo

Such a huge subject – finding our niche “…that special thing,” Harvey Lloyd said, “that wild horses can’t tear you away from.” So, it’s a pretty individual thing. Lloyd also said, dabble a lot – there are so many aspects to photography. Perhaps for one mainly interested in memory pics of travels and family the niche thing may not be of interest.

But, if one is more serious about the art or income opportunities, this article may be worth a read. The road can be pretty curvy with many detours. For me, it was a career change, after some testing suggested I  could pick up a camera and have some success.

Stock photography offered a way to build a library of images that could be leased out to businesses. That was the way I went. Having some early success encouraged me, but the fun gave way to the business part which was not a lot of fun.

Later, using writing to help get my work published, read “make money,” is the main marketing technique that I employ today. I like working with editors and others in providing solutions to their needs – e.g., providing Photo/Text packages.

Over the past 30 plus years, travel, music and teaching have been incorporated into my activities along with research to help facilitate the former.

Life, for me, is not partitioned into work and play. To me they are one in the same. So, I essentially do my photography where I am. When traveling I do travel photography. When in nature, I do nature photography – all aspects. Sort of a floating niche. And that fulfills the majority of my needs. I guess that means that we need to also  add the word fulfilling when speaking about niche.

In writing I discover the same self discovery that I experience in my photography, where instead of going somewhere to make a picture of something, I go somewhere and wait to be led to using my photographic experience to express the moment – to communicate using light and graphics, the old Greek definition for what we call photography.

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