The challenge of travel with camera, and a few solutions…

Bourg, France Sunset

Taking our gear with us on the plane when traveling beats checking it in at the ticket counter. After all, what is the sense of having all those nice prime lenses if they don’t arrive at our destination with us. Years ago we learned to pack carefully to keep our luggage needs down. Now our goal is to take everything with us in the passenger compartment overhead storage or under the seat. If your camera equipment is more than a “point n’ shoot” or smart phone, the challenge is even grater.

Light’n Up…

Having grown up using a tripod for those low light conditions, taking my tripod was a must. Until I found how seldom it came out of the bag and the other problem. Many buildings don’t allow tripods, or ask for a permit, as photographers with tripods are often regarded as pros. I solved that by finding a small table top tripod. It takes the space of a long lens in the photo bag.

What’s in the bag?

About my equipment, I now carry a fast small lens for those back ally shooting times and low light interior of churches – a 50mm f/1.8. My fast telephoto lenses have also been replaced by a single 18-200mm zoom. That covers about 95% of my needs.

I also leave my photo vests at home, another advertisement to having expensive photo gear. I switched to a non-descriptive carry bag and wrapped my lenses in old wool socks for protection. I learned to look as much like a local as I could.

Carrying the computer…

However, with the digital age comes the computer. Another extra device and although a backpack can at least provide a way to lug it through the airport, after a 15-20 minute hike to the next departure gate, they too get heavy. When Think Tank Photo came out with their Airport Takeoff Rolling bag with a separate slot for the laptop, I jumped at it. What a difference and my back was most grateful. It also looks like just about every other piece of luggage. The camera and computer go into the rolling bag and I take out the extra dividers and fill it up with clothing.  I reserve the backpack for extra light clothing and when I arrive at my destination, the small backpack serves to carry my camera, water and a jacket for walk around activity.

And now our friends at Think Tank Photo have just released an expanded version of one of their most popular rolling camera bags.  By complying with carry-on size requirements, with the new Airport Advantage Plus roller you can keep your most valuable gear safe and near you when you fly.

I’m glad to see this, as if your bag is too big to go on the smaller planes, they will place it in the baggage area in the belly of the plan.

This happened once on a trip a few years ago, and although it was not allowed in the passenger area with us at least we were confident it would be on the same plane as us. When we landed we simply collected it as we departed down the exit ramp. Since then, we have become more sensitive to the hordes of smaller planes replacing the larger ones.

Airport Advantage Plus by Think Tank Photo

The new Airport Advantage Plus incorporates the roller feature and with the ultra-lightweight design at 6.9 lbs. (3.1 kg) helps meet weight restrictions, yet features the same level of protection for which Think Tank is known.  Its dedicated laptop pocket fits up to a 17” laptop in a padded sleeve, a 10” tablet, or an Eagle Creek Medium Clothing Folder for overnight trips.

As Think Tank is one of our affiliates, by using my special link you will receive free gear and free shipping, not only when you order this new roller but any Think Tank gear. As Think Tank Photo and their sister MindShift Gear helps support our blog, let us know if you purchase any of their gear and we will provide a full one year membership to Lens Lugger Photographic Association (a $60 value) or extend your current membership for an extra year. Be sure to use this URL as it triggers your special pricing–

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