The Photographer that Writes

Family Motor Coaching Magazine

Being a photographer is something that one can choose to do.

  • Sometimes it’s because of the gadgets – camera gear, etc.
  • Sometimes it’s a way to express oneself artistically.
  • Sometimes it’s chosen as a career.
  • And I’m sure there are others not listed here…

But I doubt if one chooses to become a photographer because of the work involved in becoming a very good photographer. I use the word work here because my definition of work is something we HAVE to do. And have-to-do means struggle.

But, if it has become “a calling” then we can disregard the work part, as that takes on a whole new meaning. One finds the Joy, Pleasure, Purpose. It becomes what we do. How we think. How we dream. It becomes included in everything we do. How we travel. How we plan.

And finally it becomes how we communicate. And what a joy it is to find our calling.

Glacier Forms Article, FMCM – Bob Grytten

Wherever you may be on your path toward becoming a very good photographer, there are some related activities that you may wish to know about. I stumbled upon writing as a sister activity that helps support my career.

Writing is not unlike photography. It require good focus. It is used to tell a story. And for me it is an inspiration.

Just as making an image often reflects something of our self, writing also is a reflection. They go hand in hand. Like photography it can be learned. There are things that work and things that are not helpful. It can be used to help tell a story that is more than a moment in time. And if one would like to turn these crafts into a career that is also possible.

Once we decide to go this route, we can derive income to offset expenses. But is is not the income itself that is important. It is what we can do with that income. Take a long desired trip. Travel more. Upgrade our housing, car and lifestyle. Eat out more. Purchase better equipment and satisfy other needs that we have. I learned that to be happier, I would need to teach. I found out teaching would provide me with something inside – an aptitude that needed to be satisfied for me to be more harmonious.

Carolina Cascades Family Motor Coaching Magazine

If you too would like to enter into the discussion about growing in our craft, drop a line to us at First on the agenda will be developing photo/text packages that editors love, and that you can get paid for. We will have trips to teach this hands on. One of the first one to be scheduled will be about the Antebellum Trail, with details about what we did to turn this interest into a story soon to be published. Click Yes! I’m interested.


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