When are our images good enough?

Morning, Wikie Watchee, FL, Camera Settings, f/4.5, Shutter speed unrecorded, Lens Nikkor 300EDIF set at 300mm with 50mm extension tube on tripod, about 6:15 AM

We’re sipping drinks at Bogarts last night, actually just into the coffee, having finished a nice dinner. We love  bar dining as we meet so many interesting people.

To our left is a couple and we begin talking about photography. The husband is a fly fisherman, she takes pictures of him. “Great,” I say, “you could write about that.” “Oh no,” she says. “I’m just getting into things HD(?) and I would have to get better.”

Then this morning I’m here thinking back about my early days and how I was the same in many ways. Now, thinking back, when is the right time to move forward?

There can be real doubts as we grow. Personal, often deep inside questions and photography can be a very personal experience.

At one point, early on, I wanted some feedback. I arranged for coffee at a nearby restaurant with an instructor of mine and showed him some images. His comment? “Keep shooting.” At least he didn’t say, Get a day job.

The first step to ten thousand images is doing the first thousand first.

The interesting thing about shooting more, for me, as a subjective personality, is that I reinforce my habits. Not a good idea to reinforce bad habits. When I didn’t understand something I could re-read something or seek new advice.


  • Keeping the camera handy.
  • Practice shooting on Manual
  • Go early. An hour before sunrise is best.
  • Stay late. Stay an hour after sunset.
  • Use your tripod.
  • Select a subject to include in every image
  • If daytime, in the woods, find a place to sit. Let the wild things come to you.
  • Don’t discard your new images right away – more on that later…

The fun thing is the number of good images that begin to appear. You have my guarantee.

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